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Spout connects you with the businesses and the products that matter most. Get access to your favorite stores, restaurants, teams, and places like never before. All you need to do is download the App, which is available via the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. It is FREE to download and AD FREE. As an engagement tool, it is fast and lightweight.

What is Spout? Spout quickly and accurately delivers unique information to your mobile device. You gain real-time access to your exclusive information – whether it is how to explore a museum, engage in your sport or event, or learn more about particular products. You control the information you are offered while you are at a location and even after you leave.

Products. Services. Events. Surveys. Engagement. Spout uses QR-codes, iBeacons, push messages and other triggers to stream your information. You can update the information at any time. You can sell tickets or products via Spout through integrated PayPal single-click purchases. Of course, it handles images, descriptions, links, videos, social media sharing, and ratings, all in your section of the Spout App.

Spout is making its way into all sorts of places – museums and zoos, sports venues, dining establishments, trade shows, educational institutions, and retail.



Who Is Using Spout?

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